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NAACBP - National Assocation for the Advancement of Color-Blind People


Dear Nintendo,

Something important has come to our attention in your game Super Mario Smash Bros 4, that we would like you to be aware of and correct in future releases and current if possible.  The problem occurs for users who are affected by color blindness, a problem affecting more than 8% of males and 0.5% of females, about 4.5% of your audience.  For this group, the enlarging and shrinking mushrooms are indistinguishable.  See the colorblind simulation of the mushrooms below. 




Simulations below










See more simulations here.

We have noted from your website previous concerns you have had for color distinction on your products here with this statement:
“For further improvement, starting in January 2010, Nintendo Co., Ltd. changed the color of the packages for Wii software sold in Japan to enable consumers to notice the age rating more easily.”
So all we ask for is the same consideration you give your customers playing the game as you give when they are purchasing it. 

We also noticed that you have a translation of the Nintendo website for the Netherlands into Dutch. This convenience is for a group that makes up a much smaller portion of your client base (5% the size of the US alone) than we the colorblind do.

Thank you for your understanding on this matter and we hope you can understand that correcting this problem can be as easy as making mushrooms having a red and blue distinction or simply a textured overlay.

National Association for the Advancement of Color-Blind People