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NAACBP - National Assocation for the Advancement of Color-Blind People


Businesses are often unaware that a large portion (8% of males and 1 in 200 females) of their client base are color blind. The NAACBP works with businesses to help bring them into colorblind-friendly compliance, helping them avoid customer dissatisfaction, lower sales, and possible litigation.

Businesses that produce graphs, diagrams, spreadsheets and maps using color-coding risk having their products become effectively useless to a large portion of their consumer base. Consulting companies producing graphs and spreadsheets risk losing clients due to their work not being understandable to a color blind client. Map and atlas companies risk losing sales due to using color coding that is not properly viewable by color blind people.

Gaming companies risk losing customers due to using color in a non-colorblind-friendly manner. In Nintendo's Super Smash Brothers, for example, the "bonus mushroom" is red and the "poison mushroom" is green, and colorblind gamers are at a severe disadvantage in playing.

Product packaging often uses color in a manner that is ineffective in marketing toward colorblind persons. Often, food packages use green to indicate that a product is low-fat or low-sodium, but colorblind persons cannot recognize this indicator. Additionally, stores often use green and red stickers to indicate certain discounts, and this system is completely worthless to color blind people.

For businesses, the NAACBP encourages the use of our app, Colorblinder, to see if your product is colorblind-friendly. We also encourage businesses to contact us for further information or assistance.

For consumers, we encourage you to contact us to report non-colorblind-friendly products, and we will work to inform the businesses.