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NAACBP News Feeder
  • Letter To Nintendo

    We have recently mailed and e-mailed a letter to Nintendo informing and suggesting change of the non-colorblind friendly mushrooms in Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Read it Here

  • CNN Meter Update: CNN Doesn't Care About Colorblind People

    After the second debate we submitted a complaint, through CNN's error report page for the presidental debate, which was not fixed in the third. As thus we emplore you to make a follow up complaint to let them know how you feel about this. Either here or here

  • CNN Approval Meter

    We have sent a letter to CNN regarding the color confusion on their male/female approval meter during the US presidental debate.
    Read the letter here

  • Report Non-Colorblind friendly Traffic Light or Product

    You can now report a non-colorblind friendly traffic light to the NAACBP and we will work on doing something about it.
    And you can also report a non-colorblind friendly product to us.

  • Color Blinder App Released

    You can download it here free for the iPhone. The app allows you to see what colorblind people see.

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The mission of the National Association for the Advancement of Color-Blind People is to facilitate change in areas where color-blind people face a disadvantage because of color inequality, as well as to work to remove these hurdles that exist for the color-blind. We are dedicated to promoting changes concerning confusion and misunderstandings due to non-color-blind friendly situations, education of color-blindness, and early identification and awareness. In facilitating change we hope to create more flexibility in fields where color-blind people have been left at a disadvantage or completely excluded.